200110 TWITTER UPDATE @/CokeCaster:

무심코 지나친 일상 속 작지만 소중한 순간들! 언젠가 특별하게 남아있을 지금 이 순간들을 짜릿한 코카-콜라와 함께해봐~! #코카콜라 #작지만소중한 #LittleBigMoment @/BOGUMMY


“Thank you so much for your support and love for me until the 8th anniversary of my debut today. I will strive to repay you for the love you have been giving me with good acting. Thank you again and bless you all!” 💜

Win a Signed Epik High album with a Personalized Message!:

Sorry that this isn’t Bogum related but GIVEAWAY ALERT! For those of you who are interested in EPIK HIGH, The Tablo Podcast is having an album giveaway for three lucky winners! You can win a signed album with a personalized message (AMAZING)! Click on the link and complete the tasks to accumulate points! Giveaway ends August 29th, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be selected Friday, August 30th and notified via email. LISTEN TO THE TABLO PODCAST! NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY! 

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190624 TWITTER UPDATE RT: @ CocaCola_Korea

여름 휴가는 어디로 가야하나 방황하는 분들이라면 주목✊

올여름은 #짜릿한낯설렘 가득한 #코크썸머트립 으로!

#박보검 과 함께 잊지 못할 짜릿한 추억 여행~

지금 바로 Coke PLAY 앱으로 레고레고~~

#코카콜라 with @BOGUMMY



Have an ACE day!

06.23.19 TWITTER UPDATE: RT @ Nogom_

추억을 모아모아✈ @ BOGUMMY

좋은 날 예쁜 이야기들, 앞으로도 쭉 함께 해요:)

#박보검 #좋은날좋은순간함께해



I’d like to give my thanks to all the fans who were with me at the last fan meeting of my Asia tour. It was really a good day with all of you thanks to your fervent ardor. Let’s stay healthy until we meet again. May the grace of God always be with you all!!

~ hey everyone! I updated the layout on this account both mobile and web. I hope that you all like the new theme ♡ have a beautiful day, afternoon, evening or night!



BoGum in 𝙀𝙣𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧 2018