the books kim jinhyuk (park bogum) is pictured…

the books kim jinhyuk (park bogum) is pictured reading:

1: 수레바퀴 아래서 — 헤르만 헤세 / Beneath the Wheel — Hermann Hesse

from In Hermann Hesse’s Beneath the Wheel or The Prodigy, Hans Giebenrath lives among the dull and respectable townsfolk of a sleepy Black Forest village. When he is discovered to be an exceptionally gifted student, the entire community presses him onto a path of serious scholarship. Hans dutifully follows the regimen of tireless study and endless examinations, his success rewarded only with more crushing assignments. When Hans befriends a rebellious young poet, he begins to imagine other possibilities outside the narrowly circumscribed world of the academy. Finally sent home after a nervous breakdown, Hans is revived by nature and romance, and vows never to return to the gray conformity of the academic system.

2: 당신의 이름을 지어다가 며칠은 먹었다 — 박준 (시집) / I Took Your Name as Medicine — Park Joon (Poetry Book)

3: 문학과 사회 40호 / Literature and Society vol. 40

from Moonji Publishing: Quarterly magazine ‘Literature and Society’ is the successor of ‘Literature and Intelligence’, which was discontinued by the unjust ‘Press Abolition and Amalgamation’ policy in 1980. [‘Literature and Society’] introduces and analyzes various aspects of culture. (…) Excerpt from the introduction of the first issue: “To break through the political and intellectual deadlock and to fight against the oppression of reality and knowledge, our publications should be more open and systematical, and we have to raise new generations of culture.”