ysj0215486: #tvn #Boyfriend #tvnDrama #WedThur…

ysj0215486: #tvn #Boyfriend #tvnDrama #WedThursDrama

Little girl on the swing next to Park Bogum part 2

Rain started pouring down just as filming started.
Filming finished early becayse the kids were great

I was totally had an ulterior motive
but I couldn’t let it show on the outside
and just as we were leaving as filming finished!

But upon hearing the happy news while we were in the car that
Bogum-nim said that he would take a photo with us
I ran out as fast as I could…

He even played a game of guess how old opaa is!
with the 5 kids in the playground~

thank you~
for putting up with the countless jokes
of the kids that were counting from 1 – 100 while guessing your age..
as well as the giggling sound of the children’s laughter

thank you for treating them so well
even when the filming started.

thank you for the previous memories, and precious relationship that we formed.