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[TRANS] Boyfriend Character Descriptions


Kim Jinhyuk (Park Bogum)

There is only one address on the abstract of his resident registration. He was born, grew up and still lives in the house in Hongje-dong. For 29 years. Jinhyuk’s father has been running a fruit shop in the neighbourhood for as long as Jinhyuk has been alive. Like his parents, Jinhyuk is kind and takes a lot of interest in his neighbours – he is the cutie of the marketplace and amongst the adults. However, despite getting good grades, it’s still unknown as to why he remains a jobseeker a year after his graduation.

The truth is that there is a part that is unfair. He entered school a year early, and graduated a year earlier because of his outstanding grades, so compared to his peers he’s definitely not a late jobseeker. But still, he’s been relaxing for a year so we have nothing else to say.

He has steadily worked part time jobs while preparing for employment. From working in the supermarket warehouse to the food corner at the department store. Paying his mobile phone bills, transport and sometimes a glass of beer at the neighbourhood hangout, Daechan’s shop. Other than that he saved up the rest of the money and left for a 4 week trip to Cuba. Will there be another long adventure like this in Jinhyuk’s life again? This could very likely be his last luxury. On the last night when he was capturing Cuba’s beauty with an old film camera in hand. He accidentally took a photo of the woman who had lost her way.


Kim Jangsoo (Shin Junggeun)

Jinhyuk’s father

He has run a fruit business his whole life. Even though he’s not making a lot of money, he’s happy that he’s raised his two sons well. But if he had to choose something that he was worried about, then maybe it would be Jinhyuk’s job seeking. But since even that has been resolved, there’s nothing more that he could ask for.

Your children don’t always act that way you want but that’s nothing new, so rather than scolding them, he looks over them them in silence. He raised them to be proper. So that’s why his son is polite.


Joo Yeonja (Baek Jiwon)

Jinhyuk’s mother

While working with her husband in the marketplace, she has lived her life with high hopes for her smart and good looking eldset son, Jinhyuk.

There’s also her second son Jinmyung as well, but maybe it’s because he’s the youngest.. he’s just cute. The truth is, he gets into so much trouble all the time that she doesn’t really have any high expectations for him.

Jinhyuk is doing well now so everything is fine. However she can’t help but think that Jinhyuk might cause a big accident eventually, but in hindsight that doesn’t seem like it could happen.


Kim Jinmyung (Pyo Jihoon)

Jinhyuk’s younger brother

Behind his brother’s uprighteousness, Jinmyung grew up happily, living a free and unrestrained life. He has absolutely no interest in going to unversity.

He wants to succeed as a businessman, but there seems to be little future in his father’s fruit shop. He’s currently working at Daechan’s Whelk shop and in the middle of convincing Daechan that he needs to start a chain business.


Lee Daechan (Kim Jooheon)

Owner of ‘Chan’s Whelks’

He runs the pub in Jinhyuk’s neighbourhood that serves whelk as the main side dish. He started at the age of 30 and has found a stable footing now.

Daechan’s spicy whelk is no joke. There are even more customers who come just to eat the whelk. He’s a hyung who is alike a friend to Jinhyuk, and Jinmyung. Jinhyuk who helps out for free when the shop is busy gets unlimited whelk for free!

source: boyfriend official homepage
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park bogum and song hyegyo in boyfriend ✧ stil…

park bogum and song hyegyo in boyfriend ✧ still cut

3210 x 4096

@BOGUMMY: #남자친구 바다에 비친 구름 흘러가 일렁이는 파도소리 스쳐지나 난…

@BOGUMMY: #남자친구
바다에 비친 구름 흘러가
일렁이는 파도소리 스쳐지나
난 꿈꾸는 듯해.💙
Photographed by Sinwoo Park

@BOGUMMY: #Boyfriend
the clouds reflected in the ocean are floating by
and the sound of crashing waves are passing
I must be dreaming.💙
Photographed by Sinwoo Park

*these are lyrics from habana’s ‘la habana’

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ still cut1920 x 1280

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ still cut

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ still cut1920 x 1280

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ still cut

1920 x 1280

@BOGUMMY: #남자친구 거기선 모두가 노랠 하고 산대요. 부서지는 파도 앞에…

@BOGUMMY: #남자친구
거기선 모두가 노랠 하고 산대요.
부서지는 파도 앞에 살면서.
웃어요, 활짝! 예뻐요, 찰칵📸
이 순간을 기억해.

@BOGUMMY: #Boyfriend
They say that everyone lives their lives in song over there.
While living in front of crashing waves.
Smile, brightly! You’re pretty, click📸
Remember this moment.

*these are the lyrics from iu’s ‘havana’

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ character poster — k…

park bogum in boyfriend ✧ character poster — kim jinhyuk

boyfriend ✧ preview (episode 0)‘we&rsquo…

boyfriend ✧ preview (episode 0)
‘we’ who are left at the end of the day that was like a dream

kimjiseok16: #남자친구 #박보검 도 챙겨볼거라는 #톱스타유백이 “첫방이 …

kimjiseok16: #남자친구 #박보검 도 챙겨볼거라는 #톱스타유백이
“첫방이 D-1”
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kimjiseok16: even #Boyfriend #ParkBoGum says he’s going to watch #TopStarUBack
“Premiers D-1”
#SorryBogumIKindOfUsedYou.. #Bogum-ieWhoI’mUsingAfterSavingUpForALongTime #BogumieChance #BogumIsLove #BogumHetBahn #BogumAceBed #BogumShaffron #BogumAdvertisingEffect👍🏻 #tvn #Boyfriend #TopStarUBack

(in the text message:)
pbg: hyung!! <Top Star U-Back> seems like it’s going to be really good!!! I’ll make sure to watch it❤️
Be careful not to catch a cold in this cold weather!!️
kjs: don’t lieㅋㅋ you should be filming~boyfriendㅋㅋㅋI watched your movie-like teaser as well that wave looked sick!!
I’ll look forward to it again – cause some big waves!!🙌💕
pbg: I’m going to watch it even if I have to use the replay service!!
U-Back hyung-nim hwaiting🌹
kjs: thanks superstar!!
bright spirited Kim Jinhyuk hwaiting🤘🌈

park bogum for tngt ✧ 2018 f/w campaign (behin…

park bogum for tngt ✧ 2018 f/w campaign (behind cut)